The artist

Catharina was born in Stockholm and grew up there a long time ago. After finishing her teaching credentials, she moved to California and remained there for 12 years. During this time, she started her work as an artist, including education in metal sculpture at the College of Marin, and work as an apprentice to a taxidermist. This had a strong impact on her artwork with masks and collages. Here she started to use natural materials, such as textiles, bones, hair, insects, snakeskin, seeds, plants, etc.

When Catharina returned to Sweden in the 70’s, she began her studies in acrylic painting. She had private tutoring by a Palestinian artist-teacher, Rafic Audi. Also, during subsequent years, she has continually taken courses led by professional artists and art teachers.

Her motifs for landscape paintings have been much inspired by her extensive travelling around the world. She has had numerous exhibitions in various art halls, galleries and public places during the last 40 years, since she returned to Sweden.

Outside of painting, one of Catharina’s long-term interests is gardening. Over a period of about 3 years, she has had the opportunity to express this interest by designing a large garden at a yoga retreat center in Morocco, near Marrakesh. See:

Catharina now resides in Malmö with her family.  In addition to her studio at home, she also has a studio in  a small cottage in the countryside, which provides  facilities for art classes.